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Health Update

I am now three quarters of the way through my cardiac rehab and have made excellent progress.  I am driving again and finally able to get out with my new Panasonic Lumix G9’s, and finally take some pictures.

My email is now up and running and normal service is resuming.

Welcome to my Website

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit and that you see one or two images that make you think “I wish I had taken that” or maybe “How did he get that shot?” These are precisely the sort of thoughts that go through my head when I’m looking at other websites or judging camera club competitions. If you really have aspirations in wildlife photography and maybe selling your work you really cannot afford to be complacent. I am regularly dumping images from my library as I take better shots of existing subjects. However I have several pictures that will never be deleted and this is one of them.

Tawny Owl
Tawny Owl & the Moon

It was actually taken on an assignment for Bronica Cameras many years ago. At the time the company were running a series of full page advertisements with this slogan. “Buy a Bronica Camera and you can take a picture like this”. My job was to come up with a wildlife image that fitted the slogan using their equipment. At the due date I went back with this picture and the CEO was absolutely delighted, dare I say it, and he was over the moon! However when the image was sent to the Japanese manufacturers for their approval they, in their infinite wisdom, said it could not be used! The reason being that the average photographer would be misled and actually would not be able to take this shot because it was technically too complex. Now you have to bear in mind that it was taken on transparency film and long before the introduction of digital cameras and the use of computer software to manipulate images. Today it’s a piece of cake to add a moon to an image or anything else for that matter. So how did I do it? Well it would really take far too long to explain here – why not ask me when you are on a one of my workshops?

I have been taking wildlife and nature pictures as a professional photographer for the last 30 years and I can honestly say that during that time I have never really wanted to do anything else. Along the way I was awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Photographic Society for my book on fungi entitled “The Wild Mushroom” and subsequently invited to join the Nature Judging Panel for Associate and Fellowship applications were I sat for many years eventually standing down in 2014.

The Wild Mushroom Book

This beautiful book is designed as a celebration of the beauty, ingenuity, mystery and the power of fungi, one of the most fascinating and varied plant groups on earth.

The sun shines on the righteous so they say. It certainly shined on me the day I went into Chesswood Mushrooms in Thakeham, Sussex although it certainly did not seem like it at the time. I went there, tongue in cheek, to ask if I could photograph their mushroom production. I did manage to see the sales director and explained to him that I gave an illustrated talk on fungi and thought it would be made more interesting if I could show how packets of edible mushrooms got onto the supermarket shelves. Despite waxing lyrical about fungi for some time and mentioning that it would make a good book I was politely refused and ushered out of the front door. To my amazement, about two weeks later, I received a telephone call from him inviting me back to show some of my wild fungi pictures to the management team. Well I obviously did and they clearly liked what they saw because when I left it was with permission to photograph their whole process of commercial mushroom production. Oh yes, I forgot to say I also had a cheque in my pocket for £10,000 towards the publishing of this book. There is so much more to this story and you can hear and see it all in my lecture called, you guessed it, “The Wild Mushroom”.

The books I am offering for sale here are all brand new, first editions and, of course, I have signed them. This is not just a book of photographs because I had the good fortune to engage a superb fungi expert, Sarah Shepley to write the main body of text that runs throughout the book and she did a great job. She really knows her stuff and still runs fungi forays in Surrey and Sussex today.

White Pelicans Preening in Florida

My work has taken me too many different countries in the quest for new and exciting pictures. Under the banner of my company “Nature Photography Pro Tours” I have run many photographic trips and workshops in this country and abroad. They include a staggering twenty five tours to the U.S. State of Florida alone! However in 2005 my wife Angie and I did something really amazing. In short we sold our house, put all our furniture and belongings into storage and then flew off to the USA. In Tampa we picked up a pre-ordered Winnebago and a 4WD to hook on the back and, at fifty-two feet long, we embarked on a fantastic 12 month road trip around the States taking pictures as we went. Not surprisingly “The USA Road Trip” has now become my most popular lecture to Camera Clubs and RSPB and Natural History societies around the country. Click on the menu button top right, to see further details on my current lectures, booking conditions and fees

My Current List of Lectures

The Four Seasons
Wildlife Photography in Florida
The Art of Bird Photography
The Wild Mushroom
The USA Road Trip

However life moves on and today I now spend much of my time teaching and passing on my skills in a diverse and unique series of workshops throughout the year. I am very pleased to say that my website is now acknowledged as a number one choice for wildlife photographers seeking instruction in the UK. So whether you are a total beginner or a proficient camera club member looking to hone your skills I can help you – guaranteed. I specialise in British wildlife and the countryside and I do have professionals from time to time wishing to fill gaps in their libraries of subjects difficult to locate let alone photograph such as adders. I offer three types of workshops and they are 1-1, 2-1 and small groups usually 6 max.

My Current List of Workshops

Bird Photography Masterclass
British Reptiles
Deer in Rut

You can check out the full details of my workshops that will be taking place in 2017 via the Menu button top right. Note that you will not see specific dates as these are only announced in my newsletters that I send out roughly every month throughout the year so you really need to sign up for one if any of these appeal to you.

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Finally all the images on this website are copyrighted and are for sale. In due course my full gallery will be available on the site.

One of my stand at the Rutland Bird Fair