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Newsletter - August 12th 2017

Fungi Workshops

Hi Everyone

As some of you will know, for many years I have run my fungi workshops at just two main woodland locations here in the south. One in my home county of Sussex that lists over 1000 species of fungi and where the majority of the images in my book were taken


White Saddle
Hellvella crispa


Dog Stinkhorns
Mutinus caninus


Yellow Brain Fungus
Tremella mesentrica

The other very good location is in Surrey and this also has a diverse range of species but it’s main claim to fame is that it is the only site in the UK where the incredible Starfish fungus Aseroe rubra can be found.


Honey Fungus
Armillarea mellea


Hen of the Woods
Grifola frondosa

Now this Autumn I have decided to make a major change by including a third venue. This is an open grassland and woodland location in Surrey where last year, along with my good friend Ann Jacobs, I found a new species for the site. This fungus was sent to Kew for official identification and was subsequently confirmed as Geastrum brittanicum, a very rare earthstar and only found in the UK hence britannicum. This second scientific (binomial) name tells you it is UK specific.


Geastrum britannicum

What is so great about this location for me is that it currently boasts over 650 species of fungi and I know that on my next visit, I am very likely to find new species that I have never seen or photographed before. Not bad when you consider I have been photographing fungi for over twenty years! The Holly Parachute is a truly minature mushroom as you can see and this image is entirely due to Ann’s fantastic spotting ability. In fact there are actually two fungi at work here. The other one is Holly Speckle, Trochilia illicina seen here as black specks.


The Iodine Boletus
Boletus impolitus


Holly Parachute
Marazimius epiphyllus

So, this Autumn I will be running my group workshops along with 1-1s and 2-1s at all three locations (on separate days of course). As usual the group workshops will be limited to 6 participants and all workshops are of 5 hours duration.


Beefsteak Fungus
Fistulina hepatica


The Chantrelle
Cantherellus cibarius

In order that you are not queuing up waiting to photograph the next find this year on the group workshops I am engaging Ann who is a fantastic fungi spotter to seek out subjects for us in advance. We tried this method out in the Sussex woodland last year and it really worked a treat. It means that you see and learn much more and you maximise on the number of species you photograph.


The Orange Birch Bolete
Leccinum versipelle


Gerald & Ann examining a
Giant Polypore
Meripilus giganteus


Butter Waxcaps
Hygrocybe ceracea

Please note that all the workshops are run on weekdays only and I will endeavour to hold them on consecutive days at the three sites. Usually this will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This will help anyone travelling a long distance and wishing to do all three to find a suitable, centrally placed hotel. A good tip here is to book into a Travelodge. By paying in advance you can cancel right up to 11am on the morning of your stay and your money will be refunded in full. Pretty handy if bad weather causes a workshop to be cancelled at the last minute


Glistening Inkcaps
Coprinellus micaceus


Beech Jellydisc
Neobulgaria pura

All the workshops will take place in September and possibly into October. The actual dates will be announced in just as soon as I have had a chance to conduct my recces and see the long range weather forecasts.

The cost of a group workshop at any of the locations is £85

Book two group workshops and the cost is £150 saving you £20

Book all three group workshops and the cost is further reduced to £200 saving you £55

Also I will be running my 1-1 and 2-1 workshops as usual
and I can again offer discounts based on the number of sites you wish to visit.


Mosaic Puffball
Lycoperdon utriforme

Currently I only plan to have one group workshop at each of the locations. If you are interested in taking part in any of these workshops please let me know ASAP as places are strictly limited and normally sell out quite quickly.

Click here to see some more fungi pics and a bit more info.

Best wishes George