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Newsletter - December 20th 2017

With Very Best Wishes for a

Merry Christmas and for

Good Health and Happiness in 2018


Hi Everyone

First of all I would like to thank all of you that send us personal Xmas cardsand good wishes by post and email. This is our card to you and all the newsletter subscribers.

I would also like to thank all the hard working club secretaries who book me for talks and are then kind enough to write and thank me afterwards. Here is an example following my most recent talk, The Four Seasons” from the programme secretary of the Seven Sisters Camera Club in Eastbourne.

“Referring to your visit to SSCC, I wished to express our thanks for such a brilliant evening. We enjoyed two lectures: natural history and photography. In fact, you showed us that your knowledge of animal behaviour and their environment is contributory to the quality of your photography. This knowledge allows you to anticipate and react.

I love the way you capture the animals’ personalities and sometimes add pictorial qualities in your portrayal of their surroundings to enhance the pics. You gave us some fascinating facts about wildlife behaviour and nature.

You also gave us lots of guidance on how to approach wildlife/nature photography. It was truly a STAR evening! Many members commented on the quality of your photography and your have a very relaxed manner.

I wish you a good Christmas and many happy moments in 2018.”


You can see a full list of my upcoming talks in 2018 and beyond by clicking here.


Some of you may have noticed that the Canon logo is not on the top of this newsletter and, I am pretty sure it will not appear there in the future. Why? You may well ask.

Actually I have another revelation to make and that is as of today I no longer own any cameras or lenses whatsoever! What has happened? What is going on? I will tell you more in my next newsletter in the New Year.

Best wishes George