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Newsletter - January 30th 2018

Hi Everyone

In my last newsletter I told you that I had sold all my Canon gear, all the bodies and all the lenses which included my 300mm F2.8 and 500 mm F4. Several of you emailed to express your disbelief. One subscriber, (clearly a comedian), even suggested that the newsletter should have been dated April 1st. Well I can assure everyone it is perfectly true I really have sold the lot. I have taken this step because I firmly believe that Canon no longer has the best system out there for me and the same would apply to Nikon.

I have gone electronic and bought the Panasonic G9, two of them in fact. This is Panasonics latest flagship micro two thirds camera body designed specifically for photographers as opposed to videographers and the technology is truly amazing. I first became aware of the Panasonic cameras and lenses back in October last year whilst running a 2-1 deer workshop. I was using my Canon 500mm F4 lens; one of the clients David was also using the identical kit to me. However the second client Dominic was using a Panasonic GH5 and a much smaller lens which I think was a 300mm.

About two thirds of the way through the workshop David had to go leaving just me and Dominic. Not surprisingly the conversation turned to our respective camera systems and I was amazed to find his far smaller lens actually equated to a 600mm Canon in reach. Not only that, it probably weighed a third of the weight of my 500mm lens. I had long ago realised that, as you get older, the weight of your equipment gets heavier!

So I looked into the Lumix system and discovered another bonus feature which is their pro lenses (for want of a better description) are made in conjunction with Leica. Further discussions with Dominic followed but I still sat on the fence until Panasonic suddenly announced in November that they were launching a new model in January 2018. It had been designed specifically for sports and wildlife photographers – what more did I want?

So I pre-ordered two bodies together with a range of lenses back in December. The first ones finally arrived in the UK about two weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to collect them. Since then I have been on a completely new learning curve and right now I have no regrets on the decision I made.

Now I would like you to take a look at this image of a Blue Tit taken in my garden using the G9. I have done nothing to the image other than cropping, resizing to a 700px long jpg and added a small amount of sharpening. What are your thoughts?

Blue Tit

My guess is that you are thinking it looks no better or worse to what I could have taken with my Canon gear. Well that’s true to some extent but the image doesn’t tell the whole story. What is different is that it was taken from a 60 frames per second burst. That’s right 1/60th of a second!! In 3 seconds I can take approximately 200 images and the implications for action photography are tremendous. There are many more incredible features which I will tell you about in due course so watch this space. Incidentally last week AP had a 5 page review of this camera you might be interested in reading.

Finally I had a great evening at Tandridge PS recently giving my lecture “The Art of Bird of Bird Photography”. I thought they were a great club. To my surprise I later discovered that all the members that attend a talk are surveyed by email within 24 hours for their feedback about the content and the speaker. What did they say about me? Well you will have to go to the Testimonials Page to find out.

Good time to add me to your clubs calendar for 2018/19 perhaps?

Cheers George

P.S. I could be lecturing in a club near you shortly so check out my Calendar Page. Most clubs welcome visitors but obviously check first.

PPS Last but not least, thank you Dominic.