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Newsletter - February 28th 2018

Hi Everyone

In my last newsletter I promised to update you on my progress with my new micro 4/3rds cameras, the Panasonic Lumix G9’s.  Well I can honestly say I have no regrets whatsoever; in fact I am absolutely delighted.   Not the least of my reasons being the staggering amount of weight that I no longer have to carry. 

So in this newsletter I have included some test images that were shot on just two of the new lenses.  They are the 100-400F4–6.3mm zoom and the 200mm F2.8 prime with the 1.4 extender.  Some of the images were taken hand held and others were taken on my trusty Gitzo tripod with, of course, a Uniqball head. (I have only three UB’s left in stock right now).

Bear in mind that with micro 4/3rds using the zoom at 400mm is equivalent to 800mm in 35mm terms.  A factor not to be sneezed at! Now could you hand hold a Canon or Nikon 800mm lens and feel confident of consistently getting sharp images?  For that matter could you even hold one still for any length of time?  At £8K plus could you even afford to buy one?

So here is the test for you in the form of these recently taken bird images.  Four of them were taken at Arundel WWT and the rest at two other locations in the South.  I deliberately chose birds for my initial tests and tried to get some sort of action as I believe birds are one of the most challenging subjects for the wildlife photographer.

All the images have all been taken in the last 28 days using the two lenses I have mentioned.  Four of them were taken handheld and the other four on the tripod.  You just have to guess which is which?  Answers (and reasons why) by email only please.

Falcated Duck
Red Crested Pochard
Water Rail
Water Rail
Gt. Spotted Woodpecker
Mute Swan
Little Egret
Long-tailed Tit

First Adder sighting

Some of you will be interested to hear that on Friday 16 February around midday I found my first Adder of 2018.  This is my earliest record yet.  It was basking on a south facing slope of the South Downs and was a large, adult male.

I am still taking 1-1 and 2-1 bookings for Bird Photography Workshops up to the 14th of March when I go to Galway to visit family and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th which just happens to be Angie’s birthday as well – Cheers!  

Talk at Arundel Wildfowl Trust

I shall be returning on the 19th just in time to give the USA Road Trip talk to the Arundel Supporters Group that evening.  Guests are welcome to attend for a small fee.

USA Road Trip

Talk at Sandgate Conservation Society

As you can see its not only camera clubs that have my talks. In the Four Season’s talk I take you through a typical year in my life as a professional wildlife photographer and what I photograph through the seasons in order to stay viable. After 30 years as a pro I can guarantee there will be plenty of good advice and ideas for any nature photographer aspiring to take their work to the next level.


Bluebell Woodland Workshop

Finally advance notice of a Bluebell Group Workshop that will be taking place soon on a date to be arranged.  As usual 1-1 and 2-1 workshops will also be available.  The workshops are held in a fantastic Sussex woodland that has vast swathes of bluebells and the added bonus of beautiful Early Purple Orchids to compliment them.  These images were taken last year.


Purple Haze


The stunning Early Purple Orchid



Uniqball UBH45

Uniqball is the worlds first levelling ballhead and the winner of TIPA's

"Best Accessory Award"

Click here for more information

Good time to add me to your clubs calendar for 2018/19 perhaps? 

P.S.  I could be lecturing in a club near you shortly so check out my Lecture Diary page.   Most clubs welcome visitors but obviously check first.