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Bird Photography Masterclass

I consider bird photography to be the most difficult and challenging skill for the wildlife photographer to acquire. It will certainly help if you have some prior knowledge of birds and their behaviour but you need more. Deep pockets are a pre-requisite because much of the time bird photography demands the use of long and very expensive telephoto lenses not to mention camera bodies. You also need a plethora of ancillary equipment and probably the biggest one is a good, solid tripod and that definitely needs to have the right sort of tripod head.



The problem is that the aspiring bird photographer will purchase these vital accessories often on the advice of a shop assistant that has no experience of using long lenses and the specialist kit they require. Now your problems begin because telephoto lenses not only magnify the size of the image but they will also magnify any flaws in your photographic technique. Let me put you on the right track.


Mute Swan in the Mist

So if you aspire to bird photography, or perhaps you already are photographing birds but experiencing some problems and any of this sounds familiar you might like to consider joining me on these masterclasses. You can book the normal 1-1 personalised workshop costing £150 on a weekday that suits you, or you can join a small group workshop at £85 that will also be run on a weekday at dates to be arranged. The cost of workshops also includes a short lunch break for a bowl of steaming hot soup. You will also be able to stay on after the workshop officially ends.


Tufted Duck

Over the years I have found no better location to run these workshops than at the Wildfowl &Wetland Trust reserve in Arundel. The entry fee is age dependent and around £10 or free to members. Opening times are 9.30am – 4.30pm. I have been a member of the trust for over 30 years and I can tell you there is no better location to practice your bird photography than this reserve.

Grey Heron Fishing

One of the bonuses of going there at this time of the year is that many of the birds will be in their finest breeding plumage and looking magnificent and there is every chance of photographing the rare Water Vole.


Water Vole at lunch