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My Workshops

I have been running wildlife workshops and tours both in this country and abroad for over twenty years. I am proud to say that, during all that time, I have never paid to advertise in any of the photographic magazines. Occasionally they have appeared in them when I have been working with a photography company or a retailer but I have certainly not paid for them. They are only publicised on my website and via my newsletters.

Today, thanks to the internet and my website I have a substantial mailing list of clients and they receive regular info via my Newsletter on any upcoming courses or tours before they go publicly on the website. If would like to be added to my newsletter mailing list you can do so by signing up now at the bottom of this page.

I basically run three different types of workshops and they are as follows.

1–1 and 2-1 Workshops

These courses are customised to fit the individual needs of the client who may be an absolute beginner, an experienced amateur or even a professional. The latter are often pros that need to fill gaps in their own libraries or portfolios with some of the rarer subjects I specialise in such as the reptiles or fungi.

Group Workshops max 6

These workshops are only run on a few selected subjects. They are designed for small groups of nature photographers with a maximum of 6.

Club Members Only Workshops min 6

These workshops are organised by Camera Clubs, Natural History & RSPB groups. Obviously they are restricted to members of the club and it is the club that decides the format of the workshop to suit their members.

Workshop Locations

The precise locations are only revealed after the client has paid for the course. Remember part of what you are paying for is discovering the actual whereabouts of the subjects and some of them are very rare.

However you only pay once to find out because after you have been on the workshop you will be able to return to that location time and time again as all of my sites allow public access.


Once the booking has been confirmed you will receive an information sheet on the type of equipment needed for that specific workshop. In addition you will be advised on clothing, footwear, the terrain and the amount of walking involved.


The weather is the major factor in deciding if a workshop is cancelled or has to be re-scheduled. I am totally governed by weather forecasts so if heavy rain or snow is predicted for the day of the workshop then almost certainly it will be cancelled. In this situation I will endeavour to re-schedule it as soon as possible.

Proposed Workshops for 2017

Birds specifically Wildfowl, Sussex January, February

British Reptiles, Surrey & Sussex March, April, May

Orchids and Broomrapes, Hants May, June

Butterflies, Sussex & Surrey June, July

Dragonflies, Surrey June, July

Autumn Colours, Surrey & Sussex September, October

Deer in Rut, Surrey & Sussex October, November

Fungi, Surrey & Sussex September, October


Bird Photography Workshops in the New Year